Do You Have a Legal Bicycle Accident Claim?

Bicyclists face a myriad of risks when riding the roads in Los Angeles. Every day, thousands of people cycle for pleasure, fitness, and commuting, despite the danger of inattentive motorists and road conditions. Compounding this is the risk cyclists face in a crash – with a lower level of physical protection, meeting a car or truck’s size and speed, almost always results in severe or catastrophic injury.

Drexler Firm Understands Cycling Injuries: We Lived It

Attorney David Drexler has been taking personal injury cases to trial for over 40 years, and is one of only 6 double board certified lawyers in the nation. David brings one more important quality to the table, and the courtroom: He was struck by a motorcycle rider while cycling on Mulholland Drive, and had to be emergency airlifted to the UCLA trauma center.

Does my Cycling Claim Need a Trial Attorney?

In California, bicycle injury plaintiffs lose two out of every three cases that go to jury trial, and are placed at fault approximately 60% of the time, when the rider has sustained severe, or even fatal injuries!

In the event your claim does go to court, you need a legal team that has the experience and preparation it takes to present a case before a jury.

David Drexler’s first bicycle injury trial was in 1985, when he recovered $1.5m for a client who was cycling illegally on a sidewalk, when he was hit by the driver of a pickup truck. Through appeals and further recovery, David collected an additional $1.2 million for his client.

How Do I Protect My Case if I am in a Bike Accident?

When is the best time to prepare for a bicycle accident? If you know, our job as personal injury attorneys would be much easier. Unfortunately, it is impossible to foresee a catastrophic event like this one.

That’s why we have created a cycling accident checklist, so that you can protect yourself physically and legally in the event of a collision.

Top Causes for Bicycle Accidents

  • Failure to see cyclist due to lighting or weather conditions
  • Hit and run accidents
  • Road rage and driver aggression
  • Vehicles merging into bike lanes
  • Vehicles following a cyclist too closely
  • Vehicles straying into designated bike paths
  • Vehicles turning directly in front of a moving bicycle
  • Defects in the design or manufacture of the bicycle

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Are You Prepared for a Road Cycling Accident?

When’s the best time to get ready for a bicycle accident? If there was a definite or predictable time, our job as bicycle accident attorneys would be a lot easier. Unfortunately,  it is impossible to foresee when the calamity of a road cycling accident will occur, so the best course of action is to always be prepared for the worst. This means that the second you clip in the pedal (or clipless), and start rolling your wheels on the asphalt, alongside speeding vehicles, distracted drivers and innumerable road hazards, you should know what you would need to do in the event you got into a road cycling accident.

Top Causes for Bicycle Accidents

  • Failure to see bicycle due to time of day/weather conditions
  • Hit and run accidents
  • Road rage/aggressive drivers
  • Vehicles merging into bike lanes
  • Vehicles following “too close”
  • Drivers opening doors into oncoming bicycles
  • Children, not seen, hit by vehicles
  • Vehicles straying into designated bike paths
  • Vehicles turning directly in front of a moving bicycle
  • Defects in design/manufacture of bicycle

Personal Story of Being in the Bicycle Accident by David Drexler

Meet David Drexler

David Drexler is a cyclist aficionado and gifted trial attorney. He has more than 40 years of experience specializing in a variety of personal injury claims, and is one of 6 double board certified lawyers in the entire nation. More than that, however, he knows first hand what it’s like to be in a serious cycling accident.

For the past 40 years, he has dedicated his life to fighting for the underdog and helping people obtain just compensation for civil wrongs they have suffered. Being involved in his own personal injury suit has only motivated him to work harder to help others.

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