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A traumatic brain injury can result from a variety of causes, a sudden blow to the head, a violent shaking of the head or body or even a mild concussion. Brain injuries can range from the very severe to the barely noticeable. In severe cases, traumatic brain injuries can also result in a vegetative state, coma or death.

Nearly 50 percent of all traumatic brain injury cases in the United States are caused by vehicle accidents. Brain injuries can also be caused by medical negligence.

Permanent brain injuries may also occur at or around the time of birth as a result of the lack of oxygen to the fetus or some other negligent cause.

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If you or a loved one has a serious brain injury, whether or not you know the cause, you need an experienced brain injury attorney to conduct an investigation into the circumstances of your case. Even if you think the injury was the result of natural causes, such as stroke, you still may be entitled to lifetime damages. We are available for a free consultation to evaluate your brain injury case.

In claims involving brain injuries, you need to hire the right attorney who is able to assess and address all of the important considerations which arise when representing clients who have suffered brain injuries. To determine the right damages and the maximum compensation you are entitled to, you need attorneys who are experienced in understanding the nature and extent of the injuries and resulting damages. Our experienced brain injury attorneys are able to review your medical documentation, hire the right medical experts who will successfully testify about your brain injury, how it was caused and the detrimental effects on your life.

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