Drexler Law Firm Sponsored The Finish The Ride Event in Santa Clarita

The Drexler Law Firm was live on the scene at the Finish The Ride Santa Clarita road cycling event this Sunday.  It was our honor to meet the many men and women that participated in this phenomenal cycling event to raise money for an important cause. We at the Drexler Law Firm are committed to promoting cycling safety and supporting the cycling community in any way we can.

The day was beautiful, the sponsors were generous and well rounded. The band (House of 3) rocked all day and the sun shined bright as rider after rider crossed the finish line. We appreciate deeply everyone stopping by our booth and listening to our story and our cause.

Whether we are educating road cyclists on how to be best prepared in the horrible case of an accident, assisting injured cyclists in the aftermath of an accident or representing road cyclist accident victims through the legal system, we ride with you!

This cause is near and dear to our hearts as our founding partner, David Drexler, once a dedicated and avid road biker was struck by a speeding motorcycle while on Mulholland and suffered severe and life altering injuries.  Since that time he has dedicated his personal injury law firm to the needs of injured cyclists and the cycling community. 

Our main goal is to ensure that injured cyclists get the fair compensation they deserve. Through 40+ years of experience and hard-nosed aggressive litigation we will do anything and everything in our power to fight for the cause and handle these important cases — through trial if necessary — with the utmost effectiveness and professionalism.

Please read the compelling story of how Finish The Ride was founded. Each and every day they work hard to make the sport and lifestyle of road cycling safer.

A beacon for change across LA, Finish the Ride was born out of horrific tragedy. On Sunday, February 17th 2013, avid bicyclist for more than 25 years and native of Los Angeles, Damian Kevitt and his wife were riding their bikes in the Silverlake, Los Feliz area. Environmentally conscious and enjoying nature, they chose to ride to get groceries before going to Griffith Park to eat lunch and return home to their apartment in Hollywood.

Only a few hundred feet from their destination, with his wife just behind him, Damian was struck by a light colored mini-van. Wearing a helmet, the accident would have been a minor incident but instead of stopping, the driver sped up to flee the scene. Damian ended up pinned underneath the mini-van as the driver drove onto the 5 Freeway to get away.

Damian desperately banged on the underside of the car, yelling for the driver to stop… but to no avail. Knowing that he had seconds to live or die, Damian managed to free himself and ended up laying in traffic lanes on the freeway, badly injured but alive.

With scores of broken bones, extensive tissue damage and road burns, the doctors had to amputate his right leg and were doubtful they could salvage his left leg. Damian’s friends and family rallied to his side, but as anyone there will tell you, it was Damian’s courage, spiritual strength and determination to help others that carried him though those darkest days just following the accident.

As the word of the accident got out to millions in LA and tens of millions around the world, support from friends, associates and total strangers near and far poured in. While the worst of the trauma was behind him, Damian still had to get through months of surgeries and physical therapy before he would again walk, let alone possibly ride a bike.

It was at this time, laying in his hospital bed, unable to move, Damian vowed to not only finish the ride he started but to use his accident for the benefit of others and the City of LA at large.

“The only way I can ever bring closure to what happened to me is by taking the bad that occurred and turning it into something good — not just for one or two others but for the whole City of LA,” said Damian.

Damian’s story and full engagement in the cause of cycling safety serve as inspiration to all the people who share the desire to make the streets safer for everyone and Damian himself is a shining example of strength, hope and positivity.

Thank you sincerely to Damian, to all of those volunteers who worked hard to ensure the success of this amazing event and to all of those out there who are committed to promoting safety for our road cycling community.

Ride safe everyone!!

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