What is a Board Certified Lawyer and Why Should You Hire One?

Doctors need a license to practice medicine and to obtain this license a doctor must graduate from medical school, fulfill residency requirements and be approved by the state’s medical board.  However, for a doctor to attain board certification, they must choose a specific area of practice, complete additional hours of training and pass exams beyond what is required for a normal license. Additionally, to maintain board certification the doctor must stay up the date with the latest research and techniques in their field via continuing education. Wouldn’t this be a valuable certification for attorneys also?

In seeking out a board certified doctor, a patient will have gone even farther to ensure that the treatment being received is coming from someone who has specialized in and attained a depth of knowledge and expertise in that specific field of medicine required. Doesn’t your case warrant that same level of specialization?

Many people feel that a doctor is a doctor regardless of their specialty or experience and that so long as they have a medical degree, the care they render will be sufficient. Unfortunately, the medical field is extremely broad and there are some bad doctors out there. Not putting in the due diligence and extra effort to finding a board certified doctor could limit the quality of care a patient receives and even result in negligent medical treatment that falls below ‘the standard of care’. Shouldn’t you put the same degree of care into selecting your attorney?… YES!




david-drexler-bicycle-accidentDavid Drexler, of The Drexler Law Firm has gone through rigorous testing and has had his experience and reputation judged by board certification examinees who granted upon him the board certified designation. In attaining TWO certifications, one in Medical Malpractice (the litigation against doctors) and one in legal malpractice (the litigation against other attorneys), examiners determined not only a competence in those fields but a deep and well-rounded expertise and specialization in them. This is something that proves David’s commitment to his craft and sets him above 99% of his peers. There are less than 6 attorneys in the entire nation who have duel board certifications. These designations granted to him by the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys, an organization for which he is currently the sitting Treasurer as well.

David Drexler of the Drexler Law Firm, has gone well beyond the prerequisites of being ‘just’ an attorney and is in the best possible position to give his clients the best fighting chance of fair compensation.

With over 150 jury trials under his belt and over $150 million dollars recovered through verdicts and settlements, David’s background, reputation and experience have led him to be recognized as one of the most preeminent Board Certified Personal Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles and California.

You don’t want average, you want ‘ELITE’.You don’t want regular, you want ‘BOARD CERTIFIED’.  Call David Drexler at The Drexler Law Firm for a complimentary board certified legal consultation: (818) 907-7373


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