Motorcycle Accident Injury?

If you were involved in a collision while riding a motorcycle, you need a lawyer you can trust. At Drexler Firm, our top priority is your safety and recovery. In order to protect yourself, and your family, and get on the best path to healing, you must be adequately compensated for the injuries and damager you have suffered.

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Drexler Firm is ready to help injured motorcyclists anywhere in Southern California, but we call the San Fernando Valley home. Riding the hills and freeways in Los Angeles can put riders at risk of being in a biking accident – motorcycle accidents cause thousands of injuries and fatalities every year. Due to the increased risk to a motorcycle rider, these accidents often result in more severe injury, and higher risk of fatalities.

In the majority of Los Angeles motorcycle accidents, the driver of the other vehicle was found at fault. The damages suffered as a result of being hit by a car while riding a motorcycle include medical bills, loss of income, pain and suffering; not to mention damages to the motorcycle itself.

In some cases, public entities responsible for roads, signals, and other infrastructure concerns may be at fault in your case. If your accident was caused or exacerbated by defective parts, the motorcycle manufacturer may be responsible for damages in your accident.

All of these factors make motorcycle accident cases complex, especially if they result in a jury trial.

Do I Need a Lawyer for my Motorcycle Accident?

An experienced personal injury attorney can assist you by helping to assess every aspect of your case, including:

  • Accurate assessment of your scope of injury
  • Investigation of the accident scene and cause
  • Hiring reputable traffic, motorcycle, and medical experts for your case
  • Trial experience to bring the strongest defense for your case

These factors and more are the benefit of having an experienced personal injury lawyer to determine the right damage and maximum entitled compensation amounts for your case, based on the facts of your situation.

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